Beware of this text, it could contain some mind virus like those of obscessive compulsive disorder.
(even though I decompose it to maybe contain some keys to cure that thing)
(I had some other ocd's like I didn't step on cracks (probably because somebody fucked me up with that as a kid, but I cured that by playing some other game, where I stepped on as many cracks as possible, and then it made me not to give a fuck about cracks, so it already has some cure. good luck)

Okay, here I dare to show you what I asked myself not to spread: an implimentation of crowlean spells-making (when you cross out doubles from the wish to make une "abracadabric" collection of sounds, I went further than that (only that I didn't cross out all the multiples, as I read (probably in a false source, or is it the rule I mistook or is there different traditions? crossing out all the multiples could be an incentive to speak short. But the tradition I used, when I crossed out only even multiples, and left odd ones to be, allowed me to go on with unlimited ammount of text, which was my ocd: I kept on calculating the odd coagula of texts around me, and here some tricks I use to go further than taught:
ч(ch) was broken into k & h (because that's how in english)
ш(sh) was broken into s & h
i's and u's were crossed out, because they could be spelled as ee & oo
(and it made me think: are e & o the original lingualized & labialized vowels? It's supported by I & U being the most mut(il)ated lines (e-line is alright im those not following the greek pattern. thus o-line is even more stable than e-line, but o can be represented as au, e can be a, just as russians wouldn't distinguish between pen and pan in some dialects of english.
There were questions about how ш is transliterated in french and german: sch and ch
but I decided to focus on english spelling, otherwise rules could be contradictory, or I could've drop it all in to see what residue it leaves then.
e was broken into a and i (because it was ratianalized as йэ, and й/и ~ a/э
o was equal to a, because ё/е ~ йо/йэ and that / stood for seminotes, thus йо ~ йа, thus o ~ a, where ~ stands pretty much for =
and now its funny that au = o = a, also because u can be nullified as oo, so this addition of french spelling rule didn't bring any contradiction, but maybe because it's used in english too.
but if we equalize ch & sh, we'll get rid of even more letters, because now k ~ s, thus x goes, which it never did when I was obsessed with this ocd, so can I combine all the spelling rules of europe to find the most basic groups of letters?
I think it's time for me to wipe dust of this weird habit of mine to play this game once again in the name of science.
sch ~ sh tells that c doesn't matter, so it can be thrown away together with o, i, x, but then ch ~ sh tells that s doesn't matter too.
so all ш's are just h, just as I explained its position in latin lineal system in the very beginning, but I'm still not convinced it's not a coincidence.
and in my ocd sh ~ t, because th ~ s
I think I would put it as th/s, but I do remember ш was equal to т, thus s stands between them.
But it's still a question if th ~ s or th/s (now when I add all the other spellings, I will work on this, but I still wonder why do I decide to jump into these waves of utter madness, even if it bring some result, what scientific value will it has, won't it fuck up with my ability to notice the actual linguistic facts?

if sh ~ t, then t ~ h, then the is e, which repeats after hebrew ה
(still a coincidence, but I will thread this thread, just in case it isn't)

th ~ s, because the ~ cей
й was seen some dies/bemol of и, and и was decomposed as йы, which made ы that universal semitone sine (sign) just as ч was (c/h) but now it's just h, which whether makes h that semitone too, just as it stands between s & sh, t & th, as any madness, it's complicated, I will uncomple it, if I dare.
Or should I just throw this piece away at once?

ei is ай in german, thus it's aii, thus й is nothing, just as i, thus what is ы? not even a letter in most languages, or a form of i, like y, which also decomposes as ij in dutch, and just as j is an invariant of i, it goes away just as i did. And it's funny, because it also went away as ʤ with d and ʒ crossing each other out the same was t and ʃ did. voiced was the only thing I couldn't substitute with something else, and as a result sometimes I had spells with silent n or other not existing phonemes (as dente would be compressed, you see, I didn't work with wishes (all my wiishes are granted anyway) I just played with random texts)

so if ч is not ch, but tʃ shouldn't it also go away completely? and thus h goes away too, together with it's invariant x.

does t persist? if ш went completely, so should t, so it isn't a letter? in this delirium it isn't. it used to be, but I went further, and I got my system less incomplete, but more contradictory. But I still don't understand Gödel's theorem, so I don't refer to it. As I was taught by my father not to accept on faith what I don't understand.

As you can see, I don't give you exactly the system I used in my ocd, but I feel free to reform it as I speak
And now I see that the only reason e wasn't equal to a is that i wasn't dissolved as ee, and neither u was oo, or that was how I freed myself from that ocd, by overcomplicating it with the rules and turning it into some contradiction, which made this system less sacred. And I also commanded myself to channel these eternal forces into more scientific route. But this madness is how I focused on an alphabet in some registry bureau when I found the lineal structure (but I was long freed from this ocd when I found the axial one)

If we add dannish aa ~ o, then o is dissolved, and then a is dissolved to, because in previous (shorter) rules a ~ o
and глсн лшн once aain.

I don't feel like editing that text above, you;re not even supposed to read it all, so now I'll produce some spells in my ancient school, the way I made it when I was let's say twenty:

Я вечно молодой бессмертный
Я вемо молодой бемертни
я ве лодой бмртни (here I would сбился бы)
вы лдй бмртни
ви лт пмртни
вилт ри

but vltr sounds batter

I don't know why this комканье желаний позитивно, а не деструктивно, но у меня все мечты сбываются, хотя чаще всего я собирал в такие комочки совершенно рандомнейшие вещи
Или тем я ублажал духов тех мест, и некоторые из них подогревали меня недостающим мне?
мистика, я погряз в магическом мышлении дрвених людей, создателей чёртова алвавита.

I am eternally young immortal
аем итёрналли янг иммортал
им итёрнаи янг иортал
митёрна янг иртл
I would make it in my mind in some other way (probably shortening the beginning first and then going down, but let's do it both way:
миторг иртл

now I do my best to make it in my mind as I usally did it, trying not to type before I know what to type:
тонг (here I realize I probably lost the suffix -ly)
толинг (yep, I did lose that -ly)
(which can be easily transformed into глом (because o & э were (in my ocd) considered half-tone, which was transfered to half-tone between н & м)
and also ранг is a good comprehensible word to short it into, yet even though most of the time it went that well, it could turn into something weird like whispering n or even whispering n and voiced o.
I wonder if it was my subconsciousness who gave me no, does it mean such results would be noes..

The End of the secret level.