This notebook is one of the first ever (it's maybe older than the first two)
It's probably the egyptian alphabet on its cover made me hide what I saw less, for few years before it I made it in my mind, being affraid of somebody stealing this discovery from me
and when I finally made it public ten years later.. almost nobody cared, what an irony!,
It was initially used for casual records of what to buy and who to meet, so I scanned only those related pages, and it mentions some tv shows which would help to find out what year it was, but it also mentions PanjabiMC whose hit came out in 2003, so this notebook is over 16 years old
and it was the first snow today, please enjoy. or don't
it begins with some japanese lessons from when I dared to study it without a teacher, then it shows some first attempts to figure this stuff out. Probably useless today, it maybe interesting as a glimse into the history of this work.

The End of the secret level.