Linguistic stuff begins at the end of May.
This notebook was began in 2010, when I only returned to weed (you can see how slowly that linguistic madness appears here, it was forgotten when it began, I was drawing handles to my apartment I was constructing during that sober restraint) or even more likely this notebook wasn't used for LTR at all, it was some technical reminder what-to-do stuff, and relatively recently for whatever reason I began using it, mostly for language stuff, but that shaman thing, his parade was in this year, 2019, so all that matters in it is very recent, since May and on you should look, ignore the rest, the rest is mostly trash,
It laid unfinished for many years, I returned to it time and again, and I finished 2.5 months of pages in just one night (when I got high after I didn't for a couple of days) about a week ago (after I realized that I shouldn't squeeze my mind. I give it new tasks, it takes it time to deliver, so I shouldn't smoke more than once a day, and once two days is even better)

The End of the secret level.