This morning I woke up thinking that Devil and Satan could be the same word:
-il and -an are obvious suffices
Devil is Teufel in German. T is way closer to S, because ת can be read both ways. and also because the truer form of אמש is אמת (read about it somewhere in the main part)
f & t could be the same letter not only because they're similar in ogham, the same way t reminds f, but both readings also meet in θѳ but then this is th. Which makes this common steam nothing else than Death.
And it is told, that Devil eats your soul away. But then who is the person who tells "So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth."?
Amen could be another form of אמת for they say that amen meant truth, so these words are at least related.

So back to Bathomet, and his wickedness:

That image leads to where he spoke the first part, and I'm yet to find where he recommends killing aryans. but his hat tells both who are his demons and why AC is much more prominent than AB.
True witches are females. Male witches are degenerates. (I have no idea what I said here, so it's gray)

And I never said those female witches are not wicked. But people kill for all known reasons, these criminals don't deserve any special treatments, especially not because of their dnst-3-induced-folie-a-deux. After all, other criminals are also wicked, weakened, weak.
But there's a difference in those crimes, which could be the reason for magical crimes to be punished more severely: ritual murder is performed with the suffering of the victim. But this I don't necessarily know, that is what pizzagate conspiracy theory tells, that adrenochrome is in larger ammount when the victim suffers. Today, when adrenochrome can be synthesized, these horrible murders should be more rare (but unfortunately can only refer to adrenochrome addicts, ritual murders made for psychological change in the magician (as a materialist, I can only believe that psychological state of a murderer is the result of the ritual, such breaking of the taboo can make the degenerate feel special, and when one believes something, one can express it into the world (it is some bold claim, I must deliver some scientific or any source about it)

I am not competent to write on this subject. I read neither AB nor AC, I always considered mystics mistaken or charlatan, and now I only see they also bear some knowledge (bear and tear could be the opposite forms, just as бур и тур but these two are in different meaning if in stock-market, not sure they're in older meanings: медведь может что-нибудь утащить, бык может разрыть? рогами, копытами, плугом. не знаю это такое сырое и непонятное. серый шрифт)
but not every knowledge is healthy, or is it all healthy until you start implementing what it tells you? nah, even evil information can traumatize. It's another complex question I don't feel competent about.

   upd: I read into the half of it and I see that if people believed that witches prefered virgins, just as priests, btw, then raping a chilf could be a ritual of protection of children from evil spirits (they initiated children into sex when they began searching for pleasures, so they didn't get addicted to spirits & beers.

They are apemen what did you expect from them, I'm pretty sure some of them have those rituals officially, and I'm not talking of talmud where you can find everything, but hopefully not all of that is applied, but then I know that it's all applied but with different frequencies (by different crazy or desperate people, and some of them can be in some elite cults, which makes pizzagate very real even if I cannot test those emails for authnicity, I believe (оставляю быть, допускаю, верю, в + , впускаю) So beware, those monsters you saw in movies can exist from time to time, but be armed and relax, such crazies are tiny minority, he who's warned is armed. ahmed armed, that's probably for sure.

The End of the secret level.