This article goes where it is not to. Though I am ought to open it revealed. And if some topics that I brought to be kept sealed, let's get it real, there's no chance to keep them now in secret, it is an information singularity aeon, all locks will come undone, no cows keep sacred, and the acceleration's going on and on and in the mere infinity of self, so even you need to adjust you to it.

We bright people are weird by nature, me for example is infected with judaic topics among others, and those topics are contagious. So if you don't like what you're reading, you may jump right to the main part of this article without a risk missing something on the topic. The main part will be more factual and less speculative. I just feel it my duty to say what I'm about to say and as I conform to this LaTeX structure let's use this preface I'd never include if I did it my way anyway. Yet it's hard to avoid this taboo when they teach us in universities that phoenician is the oldest alphabet, and then you recognize that it's structure is pure hebrew – the order is exactly the same and only graphic part differs. And we know that lLeEtTrRs are to come in many forms. And then you realize that alphabet go way beyond that: in ugaritic and even egyptian – and you don't want to write these words in majuscule as we russians don't initialize those letters. You don't want that because nationalism starts with splitting society in different groups by mere nationality principle. But divide et impera they say, and you want to imperare because the most of you just want a worm place and don't give a thing about language, your journals show that, boy they are boring, boy they lack logic, boy they are so self-righteous, but this grey-jacket form doesn't bring much authority – you could fool humans, but new specie appears on the stage, you cannot fool excelently adjusted logic of machine. Biologists are on the foremost frontier of the science and they recognized most of the peer-reviewed works in their field is trash, even unverifiable sometimes, mostly wrong, which sets a huge problem and the decision is obvious.(the reference link) (18:22) – in case the link goes (and it's not always easy to find properly peer-reviewed references either) it's Craig Venter speaking on Rock Health Summit 2015 (the whole video is of 29:31) and I approve of that, especially in humanities. Those who're here not to discover science but to have an easy job of good salary, those I condemn. So that's another reason to make people able to stay home and let machines and few of us do all the work keeping the rest of human race as a mere substrate from which those few emerge in huge quantities.

(and then I am to go on about tifinagh all of the sudden recognized as one of the most ancient alphabet yet in use today and somehow it's considered by wikipedia for example to be phoenician as well (though it's pretty much different from the phoenician as we know it) as if they prepare the basis of shifting the reality once again to their advantage - but I'm about to offer another way of dealing with this controversy. people are allowed to follow dogmas and plots, and their dogma is so savage only because it is ancient, which makes it a cultural heritage as well, so we should only be aware of the presence of different interest groups, but we should not seek revenge, because it's self-destructive, which is unreasonable when we have so many wonderful topics to focus ourselves on – and we welcome those wicked tricksters to join the common journey and stop worrying because there's no chance they're to keep their black books out of sight in the internets and beyond)

Some of them are creative, the rest is the substrate you cannot eliminate if you want the special ones coming. But don't make the substrate look for easy job, because they're only making harm. As machines are coming to take our jobs, we can support people with

Где смысл, где логика, зачем идти туда, где как я считаю уничтожает творческое начало у учёных!

вт эт вркта, фрикота!

Студент должен перерости это. ошиьки тоже чтоли хочешь оставлять. Слишком мало смирения, слишком много гордыни, а эти институты взращены на христианских принципах, они так же противодействуют науке как противились ей раньше, но скрытно, исподволь, бюрократически.