sberbank visa: 4276 7218 4869 1499 (usd)
4279 7200 1000 6004 (rub)

(the биржа I use doesn't transfer anything less than the number in the brackets)
(0.1ETC)  Etherium Classic: 0x380f83221748afc9b8de084f87c26a5e8fa584d2
(0.001BTG)  Bitcoin Gold: AW8drxgmXVgZFQA29UUcTWWdxwg5d2GXkJ
Bitcoint Cash: 12KbWuoaAPJGCEThnc5YjaeEeXR4M1ikS9
 (0.01ETH) Etherium: 0x8a2afbf0d1e9dae1a0272cf6a0c6ecf01c17d41b
(0.001LTC) Litecoin: MLybJ7UG8oLWkoUJ3j5pxfTUuCBWZp8DTs 
(0.001BTC) Bitcoin: 3BzEWiMx3B7TcZsDVoxt2HUNAWFDrn7PP2
Dash: XmbH2AnBFG3aoXwyH847BgnsP1GJSGSext
(10DOGE) Doge: DN3frsJutspxqN5dnpQ8MQULj6HkcpQ42i

You can also donate to woodeemann@gmail.com via paypal if it accepts.
also use that email to demand other opportunities to donate or/and if you have some people
who can fund or build a rejuvenation project that may even turn biologic immortality into an almost absolute one.