The White Goddess (mirror)

>  the  mystical  Bull-calf formula  and  the  two  Tree-alphabets  which   I   introduced   into   King  Jesus  are   not   'wanton   figments'   of  my  imagination but logically deduced from reputable ancient documents.

>  The language was  tampered  with  in  late  Minoan  times  when  invaders  from  Central  Asia  began  to  substitute  patrilinear  for  matrilinear institutions  and  remodel  or  falsify  the myths to  justify the  social  changes

Moira,   Hithyia   and   Callone—Death,   Birth   and   Beauty—formed   a   triad   ofGoddesses who  presided over  all  acts  of generation whatsoever:  physical,  spiritual   or  intellectual. 

Among these huge ammounts of factual information I can take from, he also shits upon Socrates, also recognizing him to be not so bright a pederast.

The End of the secret level.