This information is not only difficult, but also very concentrated, so if your head feels tired – don’t violate it, put this text away. Actually, it’s an universal rule: if your eyes are tired, don’t force them, close them, respect them, let them rest, and then they will serve you well. It's also considered healthy to look at the borders of your eye-sight and to look at your fingerprints in the sun light moving them back and forth in front of your eyes to where you can distinguish them. read papers with good light. (this part is to show you how raw it can be. they also say that sometimes you eyes unfocus when you show them something they'd rather not see)
    Text in black is well-done. Grey is raw (серый сырой) or less important. But I don't feel like throwing away pieces only because they're in the first phase of their research. Wild guesses are basis of breakthroughs. If Newtɔn really said that he didn't produce hypotheses, it makes me very suspicious about him (but of course it all depends on contexts, even though I read something about him)
I also forget to close brackets sometimes.

    This book has no intentional fiction, but it combines facts with guesses based on those facts. You should know how to distinguish one from the other.

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(this is an experiment to see why would I want an editor, some parts of this text tell that is why)